Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Victor Reyes

On one of my graf sightseeing-tours I discovered this SERIOUS piece.
Man I was starting to think
Chicago was disblessed in the graffiti department but

As I'm cruisin on Lakeshore back home I realize,
I knoow this dude!

Over the next two weeks my brain kept itching over this, because I just KNEW I'd seen work by this writer somewhere... & then finally I remembered - El Mac has a pic up with a mural right next to this dude spraying in action!

So, I e-mailed the Mac (not really expecting a response, but hey on the offchance he knew & Voila! he responded & promptly sent me a link to the mysterious artist--> Victor Reyes.

...thanks to El Mac for acquainting me with said sir!
Def. added to the favorite artist list!

Want more? Cheggout Reyes78.com

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