Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Steven Meisel, one of the most influential photographers of the fashion industry is reponsible for thes incredibly erotic frames.
He shoots for all the big fashion houses, primarily though for Versage, Valentino, Dolce & Calvin Klein.
Majority of his productions are highly controversial, touching on political issues & social standarts. Such as a conceptual layout dealing with the post 9/11 restricted liberties in America.
But he doesn't only capture pictures, he also uses his influence among the fashion elite to ensure projects like creating an issue of Vogue that is to show only black models. The issue was released in July 2008 with the purpose of addressing the racism seen lately in fashion magazines, runways, and advertising campaigns.

More work by Meisel:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miss behavin'

Verbal Violence

Your look offends me,
prejudice too prominent on your sleeve.

I try to ignore it but you bump your EGO in my comfort zone
An EGO just like all - each & every one of ya'll, you fucking clone.

EGO -yeah you say it all the time
Beyonce didn't invent it, bet you didn't know it's latin for "I" you spineless swine!

Shut your mouth, turn your phone off & your education on,
oh my bad I forgot smart & witty are the new ugly & fatty, WRONG!

100% on a test?
Last time you scored that was on a facebook mafia quest.

And YOU want to school ME on music,
ok ok, lets play a game right quick:

You tell me about Nicky Minaj 
I eye you & ask Pharoah Munch, Ladies love & NASTY NAS?!

all you know is
that their broads are the finest!

Don't YOU know Papoose, DEF & Talib, Busta, MOP  got that Crooklyn mindset?!

Ok enough burrow. 
I forgot, your opinion is MTV borrowed.

You get all hyphy cause now you can name 'um
I ain't tryna hear shit from you but Andre 3000 & Big Boy. I claim 'em!

I'd bring up the Westcoast but I already know you ain't heard of Blu,
but quick to boast & tell me "You're a white german girl so you have no clue!"

You're about to tell me Kanye West.
You've only liked him since he stuck that bigg ol heart on his chest!

I throw the towel.You know NOTHING.
News Flash: Your imagination is rotting in a coffin .

You can twitter for hours but fail to hold a real convo for more then 5 min.
I'm a lady so I don't do this but I'm tempted to walk all over your electronics with some size 8 timbs.

You're a man dammit ! When did taking a girl on a date turn into a holler in the inbox?
Fondling your screen, while you chattin & watchin scum on Intervention detox.

That's romantic to you? 
You're the type of person to find love & propose to her on second life, you sad sad fool.

Braindead, influenced by the media
you would buy mercury muffins if a bulimic blond beach babe in a bikini offa BET handed it to ya.

Callin' me snowflake like you don't have the decency to ask my name
but oh I forgot, you don't need to "you got game"

Telling people about your 'haters'
how they sucked your swagg & suffocated. Man Later!

Wait no, this convo ain't ova,
I got 99problems & right now you're #1, HOVA!

And while he said if you don't like his lyrics you can press fast forward
you better not touch a button, delusional - thinking you 'go hard'

I'll jab you in the jaw then put a ring around your brow
like my fist was marrying your face, now bow!

I'm not jokin' what you laughin fo?
U really must want your teeth in a doggy bag - to go?!



 I just need to blast my eardrums with some grimey ass 
Dead Prez & M.O.P 
& say FUCK all this!
For the duration of my wildin
 I feel like my one woman army can overcome anything. 

 the Juggernaut 
or my current life situation.

I put on my gasoline boots & walk through hell.
Write down my thoughts & vent as well.
Once I'm done & my ears are ringing like a mofo
 I feel like on 5 doppelte espressos 
& ready to hit real life in it's mandula. 



Friday, September 4, 2009

Hurt sumthin


Tousled jet black hair 
sick kicks
sexy attitude
1 set of toes 180˚ apart from the other....

*licks lips*


*grabs towel*

*wipes away sweat*

*wrings out towel*

*starts practicing for re-enactment*

Oooh boy I need a fan...

Ay! Cheggout Allison Glenn!

Bonus: Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Je haine aimer la France!

Paris is such a stunning city from a distance.
I must confess,
I am actually jealous of my friend that just touched down in the 
Ville d'amour 
two days ago & has already gone mad with pictures...

My favorites follow:

Kate, thank you for the pictures & once again for the booklist & laughs at bonfires & on fufu's with TBo & LindaRose! I wish you the best of luck & the most of fun in france & if you ever need a german translation for anything while in Europe, you know who to skype! ;)

...then I was reminded why I "dislike" france.

You thought this was IT?


well damn. OK!


I discovered a Betta fish 
named "Wagner" at my cusins crib who calles a Vodka bottle home.

...found a plane while taking a walk with said cusin 
& discovering that it's owner was coinkidinkly my other cusin.
We took it to a mid-day trip to the sushi bar anyway.

....searching under every fuggin rock for a decent apartment.
Currently thinking about moving into a old gym gone loft.
Plus roomies? Meh...

Went to Denver, CO
loved how they make "Pedestrians" sound like a prophanity.

Wrote a handwritten letter. 
I need to do this more often.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


the world is my playground

Ruled the 

by Demitry Skliarenko