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I can haz photoshoots?

When the diva in the furry feline devil demands a shoot....

And one for the Awww's ;)

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Victor Reyes

On one of my graf sightseeing-tours I discovered this SERIOUS piece.
Man I was starting to think
Chicago was disblessed in the graffiti department but

As I'm cruisin on Lakeshore back home I realize,
I knoow this dude!

Over the next two weeks my brain kept itching over this, because I just KNEW I'd seen work by this writer somewhere... & then finally I remembered - El Mac has a pic up with a mural right next to this dude spraying in action!

So, I e-mailed the Mac (not really expecting a response, but hey on the offchance he knew & Voila! he responded & promptly sent me a link to the mysterious artist--> Victor Reyes.

...thanks to El Mac for acquainting me with said sir!
Def. added to the favorite artist list!

Want more? Cheggout

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Grandma's kitchen?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Ins(a)pired again.
is the greatest &
his work makes me get my panties in a bunch.
Nuff said.
Now drool:

Again... that mood.

I had a lot of growing in up & out to do...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Dave Choe

David Choe

Korean at heart but Los Angelican by birth,
Choe has traveled & worked in incredibly interesting,
as well as dangerous nooks of this planet.
Rep of Congo

His style ranges from vulgar to extremely aesthetic.
I was confused,
as I was, as usual searching for Choenewness on the web &
Mac work would pop up randomly.
Turns out...
They colabo once in a while...

Mac Art...
I'll leave my Mac-obsession -rant to myself &
just throw this link at you so you can
experience for yourself...

...thanks at this point, to that certain somebody that introduced me to Mac ;)

Want more?

His first solo show was at a small ice cream shop
on Melrose Avenue of Los Angeles' westside, called Double Rainbow,
where his show was supposed to run a month, but stayed up for 2 years,
constantly changing after pieces started selling better than the ice cream. (-Wiki)


If you don't know him for nothing,
you still can't say you haven't come across
Choe's Whales AT LEAST 8297414.3 times?