Saturday, September 5, 2009

Verbal Violence

Your look offends me,
prejudice too prominent on your sleeve.

I try to ignore it but you bump your EGO in my comfort zone
An EGO just like all - each & every one of ya'll, you fucking clone.

EGO -yeah you say it all the time
Beyonce didn't invent it, bet you didn't know it's latin for "I" you spineless swine!

Shut your mouth, turn your phone off & your education on,
oh my bad I forgot smart & witty are the new ugly & fatty, WRONG!

100% on a test?
Last time you scored that was on a facebook mafia quest.

And YOU want to school ME on music,
ok ok, lets play a game right quick:

You tell me about Nicky Minaj 
I eye you & ask Pharoah Munch, Ladies love & NASTY NAS?!

all you know is
that their broads are the finest!

Don't YOU know Papoose, DEF & Talib, Busta, MOP  got that Crooklyn mindset?!

Ok enough burrow. 
I forgot, your opinion is MTV borrowed.

You get all hyphy cause now you can name 'um
I ain't tryna hear shit from you but Andre 3000 & Big Boy. I claim 'em!

I'd bring up the Westcoast but I already know you ain't heard of Blu,
but quick to boast & tell me "You're a white german girl so you have no clue!"

You're about to tell me Kanye West.
You've only liked him since he stuck that bigg ol heart on his chest!

I throw the towel.You know NOTHING.
News Flash: Your imagination is rotting in a coffin .

You can twitter for hours but fail to hold a real convo for more then 5 min.
I'm a lady so I don't do this but I'm tempted to walk all over your electronics with some size 8 timbs.

You're a man dammit ! When did taking a girl on a date turn into a holler in the inbox?
Fondling your screen, while you chattin & watchin scum on Intervention detox.

That's romantic to you? 
You're the type of person to find love & propose to her on second life, you sad sad fool.

Braindead, influenced by the media
you would buy mercury muffins if a bulimic blond beach babe in a bikini offa BET handed it to ya.

Callin' me snowflake like you don't have the decency to ask my name
but oh I forgot, you don't need to "you got game"

Telling people about your 'haters'
how they sucked your swagg & suffocated. Man Later!

Wait no, this convo ain't ova,
I got 99problems & right now you're #1, HOVA!

And while he said if you don't like his lyrics you can press fast forward
you better not touch a button, delusional - thinking you 'go hard'

I'll jab you in the jaw then put a ring around your brow
like my fist was marrying your face, now bow!

I'm not jokin' what you laughin fo?
U really must want your teeth in a doggy bag - to go?!



 I just need to blast my eardrums with some grimey ass 
Dead Prez & M.O.P 
& say FUCK all this!
For the duration of my wildin
 I feel like my one woman army can overcome anything. 

 the Juggernaut 
or my current life situation.

I put on my gasoline boots & walk through hell.
Write down my thoughts & vent as well.
Once I'm done & my ears are ringing like a mofo
 I feel like on 5 doppelte espressos 
& ready to hit real life in it's mandula. 



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