Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I visited a family friends new condo on the way to Denver, CO.
All throughout her place I found little treasures from around the world.
Being that she works for the chamber of commerce she has gotten around the globe quite a bit & has a korean daughter, her decoration is a very unique blend of oriental & european artifacts.
The Origami above is a interesting collection of korean origami dolls her daughter pieced together for her. I understand that these "dolls" were table-decorations at a restaurant they used to visit a lot. 

Lately I have been coming across more & more Origami pieces. Such as the "crane" at an office made out of gum wrappers & a Origami ball at another friends house. When I was little I used to make Origami stars, which are typical german traditional Origami. But I'm fascinated by the japanese pieces I have seen... maybe I need to do some experimenting... ;)

also... I abso-fuggin-lutely need a chest like this! ASAP!

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  1. Hi Chiching,

    I love this Asian series, the dolls look like exotic butterflies pinned to the wall.