Sunday, June 14, 2009

Infatuated by Temptation?

I look at you & I'm bewildered by this "storage" feeling I get.
Like you are some new & one time only available product & I get this urge to run to the store & buy out all the racks at every store that carries you & ration you for two forevers.

Even if that store is in Bangladesh & you cost three years salary plus taxes...

I smell you & I am bubbly with sensation inside.
Like I ate a live nest of bumble bees. Yes it hurts!!! But it's almost good pain I just need them to go into autopilot not "crashlanding mode".....

I kiss you & I don't care how many cliches my mind conjures up.
I melt down... sink in & fly high... soar!
Lose myself & forget me.... & remember you. Us?
No. But for the first time I believe in someones potential to be just that.

You touch me & I forget the colors of fear painted over my eyes.
All walls built up - POOF & disappear. Is that a good thing?
Never have I felt so safe. Is that safe?
So gentle. Even now I want to say fuck my doubts!!!

You whisper something naughty in my ear as your hands wander down my back,
I'm confident & know I will love it.
For the first time.
Yes please eat me like a lunchable sir!
Then you're grabbing my hair just the way I like it & my panties are in a bunch...

You observe my naked body & no approval is needed.
I'm out of breath, makeup has been sweated away & my hair would make the cast of Lion King jealouse.
But I love myself now.

It can be over this instant & I would smile because I gained simply that.

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